Going Outdoor: Exploring Nature

Going Outdoor: Exploring Nature

As usual, we went for a morning walk this morning. We started at about 8 AM, heading to wherever Alula walk. I noticed that there is something different on Lulu in our morning walks. She used to walk fast excitedly, but somehow, recently she walks slower and makes a lot of stops to observe anything that catch her attention. That explains why we took 45 minutes for only a short distance walk this morning. Even though the walk was only short distance, we saw so many things along the way.

First, we encounter flock of pigeons at the usual place. However, the pigeons were all flying as soon as Lulu arrived. Poor Lulu. Then, she continued to walk. I and my husband were just following her from behind. Along the way, she stopped next to stairs. She observed it for a while, approached it, and she tried to stepped up the stairs. This is new to us too. She used to crawl to climb stairs. Now she tried to climbed by her legs, with her hands holding into the rail.  

Lulu try to stepped up the stairs

The third encounter was a plant. She stopped near a plant that has some flowers on it. Lulu tried to touch the flower, felt the texture of the leaf, sniff the leaf, and attempted to eat it, haha.

Lulu attempted to eat a leaf

Our last encounter for today's morning walk was a cute dog. As soon as Lulu saw the dog, she smiles and walked towards it. However, she stopped at quite a distance from the dog and observed it from there.

Alula's encounter with a dog today

All in all, it was such a fun walk and Lulu learned a lot.

Observation Notes

  • Lulu's eyes sparks joy mostly when she saw animals, like birds and dog that she met during our walk today.
  • Lulu added climbing stairs to her physical exercise list. It exercise her balance, leg strength, hand grip and coordination.
  • She began to be interested in feeling the texture of things, like the flower and the leaves. This falls into sensorial category.
  • The whole activity expose Alula to God's creations: animal and plants. We hope that it contributes to the formation of her self-concept.