Productive Communication to Baby: Do not don't me!

Alula has recently found a new way to communicate: screaming (-_-"). Mama hasn't really comprehend what she means by screaming. My early guess is I have enough food and I want to end the meal time now. But it seems that it's not really accurate, as she also screaming excitedly in a moving train.

OK, enough guessing about the screaming mystery. The thing is, I try to be more conscious of what I communicate. After learning about productive communication, I try to implement the principles of productive communication whenever I communicate with my spouse and my baby. However, one thing that I find really challenging: eliminating don'ts. Well, I succeeded in my first trial. However I still have to get used to it.

This afternoon we have our lunch together. Mama and Papa are having pempek, while Alula is having her finger foods. In the middle of our lunch, she screams excitedly. At first, it was entertaining. We laugh whenever she shout. But few minutes later, it starts to get irritating.

At first I said to her, "Don't scream, Lulu. Please finish your lunch." She keeps screaming while making a funny gestures. And few seconds later Mama realise that it wasn't how you communicate productively. Then I rephrase my sentence, "Just talk slowly Alula. We hear you."

Well, she keeps on screaming. "Lulu, Mama can hear you. You can lower down your voice." She paused a little bit and scream again.

It seems that she's just too excited and wants to play. The trial doesn't work today. Let's just try the technique again later.