Coins Galore

Coins Galore

Introducing financial literacy to Alula, today we play with coins! Alula has never been playing with coins before. She was too small to understand what can go into her mouth and what doesn't. As of now, I think she understands that only food can go into her mouth and to swallow.

As this is a totally new experience for Lulu, I incorporate the Three Period Lesson method. First of all, I lay out several coins on her table. She was excited to grab and observe them. "Lulu, this is a coin", I hold one coin while saying it loud and clear. "This is a coin", while I point to another coin. While having a conversation with Lulu, I always emphasise the word "coin".

"This coin is round"

"This coin has edges"

"This coin is big"

"This coin is small"

"These are coins"

The coins that I lay is intentional. They are different in size, shape and material. Thankfully I still keep all the coins from all the countries my husband and I have been. For now, I will let Lulu explore with the shape, size and material first, and will let her know about the currency later.

Based on Three Period Lesson, the first stage of introducing a new concept is by saying it loud and clear while letting the children experience the new nomenclature. I let Lulu exploring coins before moving to association phase.

She had a lot of fun, but after the activity I brought her to a sink to wash her hands thoroughly. I think it was our longest washing hands so far, haha.

Note: During this activity, Alula is under a close supervision. I count the coin I laid down at the first time and I count them again when I clean up. Make sure that Lulu didn't do anything funny with them.

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