The Nights Are Long, But The Years Are Short: The Birth Story of Alula (1)

The Nights Are Long, But The Years Are Short: The Birth Story of Alula (1)

We already passed the 39th week. It's a waiting game. All we can do is waiting for Lulu's arrival. I secretly wished that Lulu will come out as late as possible, as by then her lung will already be maturely developed. However, our last doctor appointment made us worry.

Some background stories

My gynaecologist insisted on performing induction if my baby hasn't come out by 40 weeks. We all know that the EDD is just an estimation. And estimation means a rough prediction, which also means no one except Allah knows precisely when.
I was distraught as I want a natural birth. I didn't want an unnecessary medical intervention that could lead to more harm than waiting. I just wanted my baby to come out whenever she's ready, not by force. I understand the point of view of the doctor who wants to play "safe," better to deliver the baby soon to avoid complications. My argument was: my baby is within a healthy weight, she's actively kicking, I carefully watched my diet, and I exercise regularly. After a heated discussion with the doctor, we agree to push the induction until the 41st week. Phew!

My husband, who had run in four marathons, has always been practicing several months ahead for that 8 hours of running event. That makes me wonder, how in the world I could survive a possibly 18 to 24 hours labor? I don't know what to expect when the labor comes. Can I handle the pain? Will I be strong enough to push?
I have to stay fit. Thus, I have been walking a minimum of 4 kilometers daily since the fourth month of pregnancy. On top of that, as a blessing in disguise, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes that force me to control my diet strictly. All in all, I have been walking for about 600 kilometers throughout my pregnancy.
Knowing the doctor will perform an induction, I walked even more. From 4 kilometers daily into 4 KMs in the morning and 4 KMs in the evening which makes a total 8 KMs a day!

The Night Before

On every walk, hubby would bring cat food. We stopped whenever we spotted cats, and hubby would feed them. As I'm not a fan of cats, I would stay a bit distant from them to do squats and other stretching poses.

We used to walk before we went to bed, around 8 or 8.30 PM. That evening we spotted about 6 or 7 cats, but interestingly all cats didn't want to eat what was fed to them. Maybe they're full. But all cats? I found it a bit strange!

We strolled down our neighbourhood while having a chit chat. I remembered what I said to him, "Hubby, I surrender to Allah. He knows the best time when our baby will come out. I can only make efforts. I surrender all my efforts that have been done to Him". Hubby nodded and held my hands while we continued to walk.

17 January 2018, 05.00 A.M.

Boom! I felt something popped out in my sleep. I'm awake and wake Hubby instantly. "I think my water bag broke," I told my hubby half conscious. "Do you feel any pain?", he asked. "Nope. Not yet", I replied. "Ok, let's do Fajr prayer and walk in the park," said hubby while getting off the bed.

I went to the bathroom to change when suddenly the contractions start kicking. It built up so fast 'til I couldn't finish my ablution. I called my doula right away to inform her that I broke my water bag as well as the intensity of the contractions. While waiting for her, hubby prepared our hospital bag, and I rolled on a gym ball hoping that it could ease the pain. But it was not the case! Suddenly I remember one of my friends have said that the pain of labor is a pain that you never experienced before. Ok, this is it! I will meet my baby soon.

To be continued...

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